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Fire Safety Training Wakefield - A Legal Requirement

Absolute Health Fire Safety provide in-person fire safety training in Wakefield and the surrounding areas. We provide  accredited training, fire marshal training and one to one training too. We work with lots of different businesses doing just this across multiple sectors. Our job is to keep people safe and in line with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. We will shortly provide you lots more information about our fire safety training in Wakefield, but if you still feel you would like to chat to us, then please feel free to. Simply call us on 0113 418 2911 or use the contact form on our website.

We think you should never take fire safety for granted and training and precautions in this area should be compulsory. There are regulations in place for a reason but anything you can do as a business or organisation to protect your building and people within it, should be done too, right? There’s a duty of care as human beings to detect and stop disasters from happening. If you do fire safety training with us, you’ll be armed with new knowledge and know exactly what to do if a fire did break out. We provide relevant information, demonstrations and answer all your questions so there’s no stone left unturned in relation to fire safety and protection. 

We carry out all of our training in person because we want to give absolute undivided attention in an interactive environment. Health and safety is so important we’ve found doing it this way keeps engagement and interest high.

fire awareness training
fire awareness training

Fire Safety Training Wakefield - Course Content

We cover all bases of fire safety at our training sessions in Wakefield. We can guarantee that once you leave our training your knowledge will be through the roof and your confidence to deal with certain fire-based situations will be high as well. Here’s a little insight into some of the things you would encounter on our courses. 

Introduction – As with all good courses, we will give you an introduction to ourselves and what you will expect to see over the contents of the course. Emphasis here will be on why it’s so important to consume the information and why it would be super helpful to know in certain situations.

Understanding Fire – There are a few types of fire and classes of fire which are important to learn about as well as other things such as safety data sheets, dangerous substances and everything in between. Understanding what you may physically come across means you can deal with it more effectively. 

Fire Risk Assessments – Because this is our specialist area and it’s a legal requirement to do one if your non-domestic premises has over 5 people in it regularly we will introduce you and get you familiar with fire risk assessments. You may also be the building’s dedicated ‘responsible person’ (RP), so this part is doubly important.

Evacuation Routes – You’ll need to know where all your evacuation routes are in the building so we’ll go through this as well as explain the importance of them. You’ll learn all about the requirements of evacuation routes, procedures, emergency lighting, and more.

Emergency Plans – The final part of our training course delivered by Absolute Health Fire Safety Wakefield is all about emergency plans. What do you do in a fire emergency? What procedures should be taken? Do you have any plans or drills in place? Is everyone informed of them in the building? Don’t worry because we will make sure all these questions are correctly answered by the end of the training course.

What Types Of Businesses Do Provide Training For?

Our portfolio extends across multiple different types of businesses, organisations and sectors meaning we are aware of the intricacies each one can possess. The bulk of our course remains the same however, there are just some differentiations with focal points. We’ve presented this exact training course to employees and members of hotels, offices, hospitals, HMO’s, care homes, shops and so many more too. We cover the entirety of Wakefield and Yorkshire so please get in touch with us soon regarding our fire safety training.

Contact us to book your Fire safety training in Wakefield today!

Fire Marshal Training Wakefield - Key Points

A fire warden or marshal is actually a legal requirement under the The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This person will play a key role in the event of a fire and emergency situation. We can provide this person with dedicated training, informing them on exactly what their job would entail. In turn this will give this person the knowledge, confidence and know-how to potentially save someone’s life, if the worst was to happen. Our fire warden training will consist of learning and an assessment and will cover; fire legislation, fire risk assessments, emergency plans, use of fire equipment, the role of a fire marshal, and much more too.

Why Choose Absolute Health Fire Safety?

We’re proud of what we do here at Absolute Health Fire Safety Wakefield. Our work has the potential to save someone’s life and we take this very seriously. Thanks to some amazing work and clients we’ve had in the past we’ve managed to get a glowing reputation in Wakefield and the surrounding areas and you can of course see all this on multiple review websites. Our training is unique and thorough so you will undoubtedly get everything you need in a digestible manner. We’re a growing business with family values which hasn’t changed since our inception. If you’d like to know more about our fire safety training then please get in touch with us today. You can call us on 0113 418 2911, message us on social media, or use the contact form on our website.



Fire Safety Training Wakefield - FAQs

In line with the Regulatory Reform Order 2005, fire safety training is a legal requirement and should be adhered to. All employees within your business should receive adequate fire safety training so that they are better equipped in the event of a fire. Fire safety guidance should also be received. Training should include key information about fire safety, instructions, and a guide about fire precautions.

Although the responsible person of your business is responsible for fire safety training, we do not recommend that they carry out or run the training themselves. Instead, we highly advise that you seek an accredited fire safety training company, just like Absolute Health Fire Safety, that has the experience and latest fire safety information to hand. It’s always best to use the professionals for the utmost safety of your people.

When it comes to fire safety training Wakefield, Absolute Health Fire Safety are able to provide training for a number of sectors. We deliver fire safety training to the following sectors; schools and education, hotels and guesthouses, corporate and offices, flats, care-homes, and factories. Enquire with us today to find out more. If you are unsure if we cover your sector, it’s likely we do, but please get in touch to make sure.

Yes, of course. Once we have conducted fire safety training at your premises, you will receive a certificate that will be your confirmation of receiving fire safety training. Therefore, if you are ever requested proof of training from the local authorities, you have this hand to prove that you are fully compliant with the Regulatory Reform Order 2005.

Indeed, we do. Absolute Health Fire Safety are proud to be a 5-star fire risk assessments and fire safety training company. You can check out some of our latest 5-star reviews left by satisfied clients by visiting our dedicated testimonials page here.

Yes. All fire safety training in Wakefield will be conducted in-person at your premises. We believe in forming strong relationships with our clients and that’s why we steer away from online training. We know that clients get much more out of our in-person training and everything is made crystal clear to ensure full compliance and competence.

Great question, and this is one that we are asked all the time from clients at Absolute Health Fire Safety. Fire safety training is important for all individuals in a workplace or residential setting, including employees, residents, and visitors. Comprehensive in-person training is provided by AHFS at your premises.

The frequency of fire safety training may vary depending on your premises type or size. However, regular refresher courses are typically recommended, especially when there are changes to the workplace or if it has been a significant period since the last training session. If you are uncertain about how often training should be conducted at your premises, get in touch today.

A typical fire safety training can last anywhere between 30 minutes to a few hours. The estimated timeframe can depend on  the depth of the content and the specific needs of our client.

Yes, of course. If you’re looking to receive your without-charge quotation for fire safety training in Wakefield, we would love to hear from you. You can call us right away at 0113 418 2 911 or use our online contact form. We look forward to dealing with your enquiry promptly.